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Petals of the Soul

This website formerly had a page that was selling the book “Petals of the Soul“. written by Cathy BeDell Ritter. There were a few copies available on eBay and Amazon. You can also find it listed on various Christian bookstore websites.

Published in 2007, paperback. The caption below the title is “God’s love vs. Satan’s Deceit“.

The description of the book:

Since the beginning of time there has been a heavenly battle being waged for your soul. God is always there trying to show you the way to the straight and narrow path, while Satan is nearby using his many tricks to lead you astray.

Petals of the Soul is a collection of seventy-nine short stories that alternate between those that show God’s love and those that show Satan’s influence in many situations we can all relate to. Stories are preceded by carefully chosen Bible verses to set the mood for the story and end with a heartfelt prayer.

The feeling you get from the alternating stories resembles the plucking of the petals of a daisy as you go back and forth between right and wrong decisions made. When you reach the end of the book (or daisy), there is no doubt that God’s love is stronger than Satan’s influence, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made along the way.

There were a lot of visitors arriving on this website, looking for this specific book, but the previous owners this website only had a link to eBay for it. Since I’m not selling anything, I’ve removed the link. I will try to be more helpful concerning this book in the future, when I have more time to track down Cathy and find out more about how to give her some useful publicity and links.

The only clue I currently have about Cathy, is from the wayback machine, saying her “books are available in her hometown at the Curves in Stephens City, Living Branches and Thee Shop in Winchester”. Stephens City is in Virginia and Winchester is a city south-west of London, England. Does this mean Cathy is from Stephens City?

Thus begins the Help me find Cathy DeBell Ritter quest. If you know of her, and how to contact her, email

And since so may people are visiting daily, looking for this book, please email me and tell me where all the interest is coming from, and why. I’d like to add some paragraphs about that too.