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nathanmassengillThis episode will get you super excited about the odds of altering your work graphic arts. It became my definite goal after reading the excerpts from the interview of Nathan.

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Nathan Massengill is the author for popular Viscera graphic novel series. Wolverine, X-man, and Batman are his best selling comics. He has also collaborated with authors like Christopher Nolan and Joss Whedon to further optimize his portfolio.

I have added the full transcription of Nathan’s video podcasts on why should authors concentrate on graphic arts.
One has to be writer and artist to plunge in to graphic arts. It is a graphic-art-by-patrick-burke-21583665rare combination. Sometimes things are hand drawn and some other times the graphics are computer drawn. As the world is moving more often towards digitalization, authors are more often considering computer graphics as the best mode for drawing graphics. Although hand-drawn graphics give an organic look, you got to include the computer work to make it more appropriate for the modern era. To be more precise, graphic art is an integrated process. While putting your drawings on the scanner you graphic art tigermay feel many times that there are a million ways to improve the graphics. To make it more immersive for the reader, you need to focus on the simple style. With white paper you can go for mineralization of information. You got to be experimenting a lot at the time of implementing simple style.

Pictorial representation minimizes the narrative description. So, it is an indication of reduction of perseverance.

While thinking about writing something, you can just put a flower in place of a long description. To support your graphics, you just need to put a short narrative piece.
I was surprised with the way Nathan bridged the gap between graphic art and comic writings.

You just need to draw the backdrop; you just need to add few dialogues or no dialogues. Only physical setting says everything that is needed for description.

Graphic arts are like quick shots in an action movie.

Creativity is the key to all graphic arts. These look pretty simple but creativity prevails all over it. When graphics covey the messages, you got to put everything in to that picture.
Graphic art should avoid data dump.

Dialogues supporting the graphics need to be fully immersing. Most of the time creativity of graphics goes beyond boundaries. People rather look at those instead of reading the dialogues. This is known as data dump. Fireside chat sparks the originality of graphic arts.

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